What it takes to PARTY with The Game Party Truck.

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Pricing and Policy:

Currently we are offering a Friday-Sunday (weekend) Party promotional rate of $240 for a 1.5 hour party and only $99 for each additional hour of play (prior agreement required for additional hours)

Our week-day promotional rate for Birthday Parties is $210 for the first 1.5 hours and only $99 for each additional hour thereafter. Half hours can be added at a rate of $65 and $75 respectively.

Please CALL for our current corporate pricing!

Travel time over 20 miles may require a fuel surcharge. Party times start roughly at arrival to agreed primary destination and can not stop to include extra set-up time or moving the vehicle, waiting for an area to be cleared for parking etc. because we have our schedule set for the day and must stick to it - please understand we held the party before yours to the same standard so we could arrive to YOUR party on time.

The Game Party Truck is a vehicle, not a trailer, so it is prone to mechanical failure and issues. If such issues should arise we will make every effort to correct them and keep to your scheduled party. Should we be delayed further we will make every effort to reschedule your party. Should the vehicle be inoperable in some way yet arrive at your destination still playable we may, at our discretion, offer you additional play-time if available in an effort of good will.

Please understand that the Game Coach is an employee of The Game Party Truck LLC. and does not have the authority to issue free gaming time or merchandise without authorization and is not responsible for scheduling, refunds or other operation of the business outside of operating the vehicle for your event. Please consult with management for any issues not resolved by the Game Coach at your event.Our policy is that EVERY Game Coach is required to be courteous and professional at all times

We at The Game Party Truck LLC. believe in customer satisfaction and should ANY part of your experience with us not meet or exceed your expectations PLEASE be sure to leave us constructive feedback on how we can improve our service. Please note that price/time minimums apply to all rates.

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